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1.         Hue, as I have learned, is the actual name of the color we have given to a specific color. I learned a lot about hue and the meanings behind it during our color wheel project. In this project we designed and created the color wheel with a creative lay out. We were responsible for painting the chips and getting the perfect colors to complete our wheel. When you work with a pure hue it was really easy to paint because it was the pure form. It was much harder to do the shades and tints and to create the tertiary colors so that they were just right. It took many tries to get the perfect one to complete the wheel. Most people who are not educated in color refer to colors by the name of their pure hue. Artists will also refer to the pigments and commercial names given to colors.

            Next, saturation as we have learned, is the purity of a color. This is also sometimes referred to as chroma. We learned a lot about saturation in our final project with the repeat pattern. We had to repeat our pattern alternating saturations and keys of the colors we used. The more a color resembles the clear quality of colors, the more saturated it is considered to be. We had directions on how high the saturation should be in each of our templates, and with that information, we had to pick the colors accordingly. It was definitely difficult to find the perfect shade that gave us the distinguished difference necessary. As our book says, “saturation is the measure of inherent light.” If the color is more pure, it is considered to have more light appear in it.

            Finally, value was the first problem we studied in color theory this year. The value is the lightness or darkness of a color. In our Achromatic scale that we completed the first week, we made value scale that consisted of fifteen colors going from white to pure black. The middle of the scale was filled with light grays to dark grays and had one middle gray that fell right in the middle. We then took that same color middle gray and put a strip across the whole project and an illusion occurred. Value is interesting because depending on what is behind it or near it, the same color can be perceived to be lighter or darker. It is an optical illusion that comes when working with value.

2.              The problem that I felt I learned the most from was definitely our final project. It was the most challenging but I feel like it really tied together all the things we had been talking about throughout the quarter. It was very cool to look at 6 pieces of my work and see the changes and differences that I created myself. I learned about working with colors to make a saturation high or low and learned the difference between high and low key when it came to my colors I selected. Looking at my final piece, it is a reminder of how far I have come and what I could accomplish.

3.              My favorite project to do and complete was the Emphasis project. It was fun to make because I really liked my design and it was the project where I was most satisfied with the outcome. I had fun coming up with sketches and designs for this one too. I felt like it let me be the most creative out of all the projects that we had completed thus far, with the exception of the final project. I will definitely keep that project for my portfolio to show employers.



(local, commercial, historical)

The mascara on the left was in my apartment and has a bright yellow bottle that caught my eye. The second picture is the logo for the Yellow pages and, because of their name, they are known for having all yellow on their packaging and website. The final photo is of yellow columns on a building that really stand out against the building.

Yellow Orange

(commercial, historical, local)

In the first picture, you can see in the bottom right corner are the easter peeps in a light yellow orange color for the spring season. In the second photo, Jim Carey sports his famous yellow orange suit in the movie Dumb and Dumber. These Nike shoes in the third picture, have the whole heel covered in yellow orange. My friend actually owns a pair of shoes that look a lot like these. 


(local, commercial, historical)

This was an orange sitting in my kitchen that looked like a good shade of pure orange. The second photo is of orange traffic signs that you will see periodically along the streets and free ways. And the final photo is of prisoners in the classic orange jumpsuits that have become infamous for being worn by criminals. 

Red Orange

(commercial, local, historical)

This first picture is a poster/ promotional picture for the shop and TV show series Orange County Choppers. The second local picture is of the leaves turning to a burnt orang color in the fall. The final picture of is Elizabeth who was known for her bright orange-red hair. 


(historical, commercial, local)

Everyone knows the Red Cross symbol very well. This is a historical institution that has been helping all over for many years. The second picture is to represent the red carpet. For all the celebrity awards shows, the stars walk the red carpet for pictures and interviews. The final photo is of a pillow on my couch in my apartment that is a pure red color.

Red Violet

(local, commercial, local)

This is a picture of a blood orange, which is an orange but the inside is a deep blend of red and purple. The second picture is a book that is about wine and the red wine color is a deep reddish purple. I had trouble finding another picture with historical references so I put up another local picture of a nail polish that I have. 

(local, commercial, historical)

This is a photo of the Violet flower. It has a pure violet hue. The second is a sign and logo for a work out center. And finally, is a coat of arms from the past in royal times. Historically, purple symbolized royalty and the royal families used the color often. 

Blue Violet


(commercial, local, historical)

Firs picture is a photo of Taylor Swift wearing a blue dress at an event out on the town. The second picture is actually one of the background options on my compute that I sometimes use. The final picture is an album cover from Elvis Presley of his song Blue Suede shoes.

(local, local, commercial)

This first picture is of a car that I thought was kind of a blue green shade. The second photo is of a nail polish color I have. In this picture it looks a little more like a green but in person it has a more blue green look to it. The final picture is just one I found of a sign with a blue green color in it. 


(commercial, local, historical)

The first photo is for BP gas stations and signs. The second is recycle symbol. In my apartment we have a special trash bin for recycled items and it has a symbol very similar to this on it. The final picture is of St. Patrick. He is the saint who made St. Paddy’s day very special and the reason we all where green.

Yellow Green

What I liked about this dress was the floral pattern and all the different shades of pink that were used in the roses. They add a nice dimension to the fabric that would be lost if all the roses were one flat pink color. I also like the shapes of the flowers and that they are imperfect, they add to the pattern when it was switched to black and white. I see six different values when the picture was converted into black and white.

This tank top caught my eye when it was in my closet because of all the different shades. Since it is tie-dye all the colors are varied and no two shades are the same. In this black and white version, I counted 9 separate values.

This pattern was on one of my make up bags. It is a Vera Bradley bag pattern, which usually have a lot of different colors in them. This particular pattern, when transferred to black and white, had 10 different values.

1. By taking this Color Theory course I hope to learn more about how the different elements of color interact with each other. As a retail merchandising major, I also think it is important to know what colors compliment one another and why. In the fashion industry, color is key. The new hot colors are constantly changing and I think it is important to have a background in the knowledge of color and elements that effect it. I hope to do well in the course and also improve my art and creativity skills. I hope that over the course of the class I improve on those things and take advantage of the opportunity to be creative.

2. Andy Warhol’s silk screen portraits of Goethe are very retro and modern, when compared to Goethe’s time period–indicated here by his historical dress and hat. It seems that he liked to make celebrities and people he celebrated stand out in different ways. The bright colors draw the eye to the picture, making a passerby want to look. I think that may have been part of what Warhol was thinking. I think the color wheel is used to show where he gets a lot of his inspiration from. And because Goethe had such an important role in creating this color wheel, it was only right that he be a part of it. Instead of staying in the same genre of colors, like so many artists do, Warhol wanted to show how he could use the wheel in its entirety to create a piece of work.

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